First Time Homebuyers

The Road to Homeownership

Looking at homes becomes an exciting adventure the moment you move from window shopping online to house touring. It is crucial to complete the pre-approval process with a LEGACY loan officer before beginning a serious home search. A pre-approval letter helps narrow your home search to attainable properties and could make the difference between getting your offer approved. Knowing your preapproval amount will allow you and your real estate agent to create a list of the best homes available within your financial range.

Your "Perfect" Home

Make a list of your priorities and deal breakers in a home. Specifics make a difference. For example, you may want to factor in an extra room to serve as a home office. This narrows the search for you and the agent. A double vanity bathroom may be desired for you and your partner, if a home office is not a must, it may lead you to accept a smaller home to stay within your budget.

Begin on the Internet

There are numerous websites to start your online home search. These sites pull from real estate databases throughout the United States to populate area listings. Realtors and or Realtists often have the most up-to-date listing at their disposal. Mobile apps that can instantly pull the latest listings for the buyer on the road are readily available. This is a great option for buyers who are driving through neighborhoods who wish to attain instant information about a specific home. Ask your LEGACY Loan Officer for app recommendations, including our Pronto app for pre-approval.

Pictures Are Not Worth a Thousand Words

Pictures of a home online may be beautiful, but pictures can be doctored and photoshopped with ease in today’s technological-centric world. Pay attention to the description of the home for any keywords that suggest it may have issues. Also, if a home has been on the market for an extended period that is longer than normal for that specific area, there is likely a reason. Have the agent reach out and try to determine what the real issues are.

Trust Your Agent

Once the search is narrowed, lean on the agent for their expertise and area knowledge. A home may be beautiful but could back up to a freeway or some other issue that only an experienced agent can identify. These issues can affect the resale value and need to be identified before proceeding. Remember, this is why choosing an agent that is an area expert is a must. LEGACY Home Loans works with experienced trustworthy agents across the country. Get connected with Legacy Loan Officer today!

Attend Open Houses with Intention

Search for Open Houses within your price point to view homes in person that meet your desired criteria. Viewing homes in person can change the desired criteria compared to what you think will work. Ask your real estate agent to send you notifications of upcoming Open Houses as well as checking online and on social media.

Arrive Early

Arrive to Open Houses early to walk the neighborhood and even potentially meet some of the neighbors. Getting to know the neighborhood you potentially may live in can help in the decision process and eliminate homes as well. Envision yourself as part of that specific community.

Prep Questions

While at the Open House, prep the following questions for the real estate agent on duty.
Have they received any offers?
When does the seller want to move?
When is the seller wanting to close?
Is the price negotiable?
How many days has the house been on the market?
Any price changes since on the market?
Any major issues or necessary renovations?
What are the average utility costs?

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