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Bringing a great experience to the process of homeownership is and continues to be one of our top goals. I feel we're bringing that to our borrowers through Pronto+.

Ben Slayton

- President, Legacy Home Loans
Are you ready to make the leap into homeownership? There are a lot of perks to owning your own home, but for us at LEGACY Home Loans, we understand and believe that purchasing a home is often the first step to attaining generational wealth for you and your family.
Picking up the keys to your dream home is the last step in the process. There are a few important steps you should consider first.

Let's Get Started!

1. Apply Online or Through Pronto+

You can apply with a Licensed Legacy Loan Officer through our smartphone app, Pronto+

If you would like to have someone reach out to you, feel free to use the button below to apply

Download Pronto+

2. Provide Financial Documentation

Submit all requested financial documents through our secure online portal.

3. Get Pre-Approved

Once you submit your applications and requested documents, you can get preapproved within 24-hours, in most cases on the same business day!

4. Find Your Home and Make an Offer

Once you've established your budget, it is time to find your dream home and make an offer!

5. Sign a Sales Contract

Once you've vetted your potential homes and made an offer, it's time to sign your sales contract.

6. Sign Disclosures within 24 Hours

Once you're in contract time is of the essence. It is vital that you review and sign your disclosure within 24 hours so there are no hiccups

7. LEGACY Orders Appraisal and Verification

Next step is to get the "As-Is" or "After Repair Value" of your home as well as any necessary verifications

8. Your Loan is Approved with Conditions

Conditional Approval means that the loan has gone through our Underwriting Department and has been approved with a few final requests for documents. We're almost there!

9. Prepare to Sign Your Closing Disclosures

After you've fulfilled the final conditions for your loan, all that's left to do is sign your Closing Disclosures. We're practically at the finish line!



Building Sustainable Wealth Through Homeownership


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