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Refinancing often gives you the opportunity to replace your mortgage with a better one. There may be several reasons for you to consider refinancing, such as lowering your interest rate, borrowing from your home to pay off debt, or that kitchen remodel you've been dreaming of. Speak to a LEGACY loan officer to better understand your options.
Lock into a Fixed Rate
If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage that has crept up over the years, it might make sense now to lock into a lower fixed interest rate loan. Switching to a fixed rate while interest rates are low will save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.
Eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Has your home increased in value or have you paid down a significant amount of your mortgage? Take advantage of lower rates and see about removing your PMI through a refinance.

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Let an experienced LEGACY Loan Officer walk you through your options and discover the many benefits of refinancing.

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“We feel strongly that homeowners and homebuyers should clearly understand all of their finance options before making any financial decision.”

Ben Slayton, President of LEGACY Home Loans

You have equity in your home
The equity in your home is an opportunity for you to pull cash out. The money could be used for major renovations, to consolidate high-interest debt, or even to help your children pay for college.
Improved Credit Score Benefits
Your mortgage interest rate is often a reflection of your credit rating. If your credit score has improved, there is a chance you can qualify for a lower interest rate when you refinance
Reduce Your Loan Terms
When lower interest rates are available, it may be to your advantage to refinance into a shorter loan term, which will cause your loan to be paid off sooner over the life of the loan.

Speaking with an LEGACY Loan Officer can help you understand your options.

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